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What Is Hot Stone Massage?
As you may guess from the name, hot stone massage uses heated stones to gently massage your muscles, relieving stress and tension. The soothing stones create a powerful heat that causes your muscles to both relax and loosen. The gentle heat not only warms your body on a cold winter’s day, it has some great healing benefits. Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Relief for Pains and Strains. With the cold weather come many aches and pains. And as many people are aware, heat can be a powerful tool for relieving muscle soreness. Heat encourages your muscles and tendons to relax, relieving stiffness and increasing flexibility.
Increased Circulation. Poor circulation is a common ailment during the winter when temperatures are down and physical activity is often reduced.
Without proper circulation, your muscles can become stiff and lactic acid may build up. Hot stone massage therapy can help improve circulation by opening the blood vessels, making it easier for oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscles. Improved circulation also helps release toxins and supports lymphatic drainage and cell renewal.